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My Story

Since my adolescence, I've had challenges with depression, anxiety, overthinking, and people pleasing. Feeling completely alone in the world, I struggled to cultivate healthy relationships. I would pretend everything was OK and wore a mask of happiness because I was taught that happiness was the only emotion I was allowed to express. I didn't love myself. And I always put others ahead of myself in the hopes that someone will put me first once in a while.

It took me many years of therapy to get to a point where I realized that I was sabotaging both myself and my relationships (platonic, romantic, and family) because I was terrified of being too much, not enough, or not worthy of love. From there, I worked on bringing awareness to my thoughts and behaviours, re-authoring limiting beliefs, creating healthy boundaries, and loving myself unconditionally.


As a Therapeutic Counsellor, I help people get unstuck and learn to love and become the best versions of themselves. We can start this journey together through awareness, mindfulness, boundary setting, listening to our bodies, and turning the love inward.

Before starting my journey to become a Therapeutic Counsellor, I worked for 16 years as a payroll and benefits professional. After a successful career helping both employers and employees, I realized I was more passionate about the people and helping them achieve their life goals. 

I received my Life Coach and Professional Counsellor Diploma from Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with ACCT, the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists, and a Registered Professional Counsellor - Candidate with CPCA, the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

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My Approach

I have a holistic client-centered approach, and sessions will be tailored to each individual client based on their needs. I look at individuals as a whole and take into consideration their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states and needs.

I create a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to talk about anything and everything by having unconditional positive regard for every person that crosses my path.​

I am passionate about helping others get unstuck, strengthening their mental and emotional health, and love every part of themselves.

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